About Us


ANTHOS was founded on a cool October morning when a hike through a forest led to an open field of foxtail flowers. Although these flowers were quite literally dried weeds, their imperfect beauty is what made us drawn to them. ANTHOS, meaning flower blossom in Greek, is founded on the concept of Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese tradition that celebrates imperfection, the tenderness of time decay and the willingness to appreciate things how you may have found them.

While our goal at ANTHOS is to provide customers with unique and high-quality preserved flowers and home decor, our mission is to allow customers the opportunity to find beauty in the imperfection and rawness of the products we source out. The beauty in this imperfection is that dried arrangements are not bound to one type of style.

Whether it be boho, Scandinavian, contemporary or rustic, we are confident that our floral designs will mend perfectly with your current décor and that you will find a special place, where you too can admire their beauty while they bring warmth to your home.


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