Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing your florals from  A N T H O S
While we believe that there is beauty in imperfection, we want your pampas looking perfectly imperfect. Follow the instructions below to maintain and style your Pampas!
When you receive your pampas, you will want to take it out of the packaging and give it a gentle shake. The stems of the pampas are delicate so be careful not to bend them too much. We recommend doing this outside as there will be quite a bit of shedding at first. 
Once your pampas has been shaken, you can use one of two methods to get them to fluff up. Laying them in direct sunlight for about an hour will cause the pampas to start to loosen and become feathery. However, if direct sunlight is not an option, you can grab a hair dryer on the hottest setting and lowest intensity to gently  the pampas plume. If you are using the later method, we recommend you do this outside. 
Once you have reached your desired look, grab some hairspray and give the pampas plume a generous spray. To dry, avoid laying the pampas down as this will cause it to go flat on one side, instead try to stand the pampas up in a vase.
Pampas grass typically lasts two years however, they will last longer with regular maintenance. We recommend repeating this process every couple months to keep your pampas looking fresh. To ensure your pampas maintains its look, keep your pampas our of direct sunlight and away from pets. 
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